"Los Elementos" or "The Elements" earth, wind, fire and water, 1977.
Juarez-Lincoln University mural "Los Elementos," 16' x 80', 1977. Painted as always 'a pura mano pelona' with expense money for scaffold rental and some paint. This mural's prime location on the corner of Cesar Chavez St. (then East First Street) and IH-35 garnered much attention and much commentary. Always considering it the property of the Austin community and that idea was reinforced when it was destroyed in 1984. There were large protests held with people attempting to stand in the way of the wrecking ball and I'll never forget one woman left her car in the middle of traffic and ran to the crane operator, passionately telling him "you can't do this, you can't destroy this mural!"

There was quite a bit of media coverage and they would ask me: "what do you think of them destroying your mural?" My answer was always: "that's not my mural, listen to what the people are chanting!" You could hear the crowd of protesters repeating: "you can't tear down OUR mural!" That was enough to qualify my original intention that public art was meant to belong to the public. "Los Elementos" had met that criteria and the community had come to accept and claim it as theirs. No one I heard said; "you can't destroy this building."