"Cultura y Revolución." 14' x 60.' San Anto Cultural Arts Inc., San Antonio Texas, 2004.


Thanks to San Anto and the great people there for the opportunity to work with a great crew, most are in the picture above at the dedication.
Manny was a great host as was Kamala, who offered no less than her home and also Andy Benavides of BZ Designs who donated the space for the production of the panels that we painted and installed at the Trinity Convenience Store. Not to mention everyone else who made me feel right at home in San Anto. I spent a lot of time there during my youth, staying with my uncle Joe y tía Mila y los primos. Living with 'mis Abuelos' at los Alazan Courts. I used to walk to the Guadalupe Theater "a wachar a Tin-Tan, Cantinflas, el Santo y el Charro Negro" and we always got 'pan dulce' across the street. It's always been a hometown to me. Our second daughter, Xochitl was born when we lived there in the '80's. Thanks to the digital age and the staff at San Anto, this mural was the first with so many images easily accessible to the internet. Scanning quality images from old slides and photos is a problem. I try to keep up with technology as best I can but I have plenty of pics ready for this one with digital cameras everywhere.
Wrote a couple of songs that summer. ¡San Anto está de aquellas!
100_1313 IMG_0926
This is the store before we got our hands on it. W/ plenty of ads. Cosme and Mary Rodriguez and others help plan.

100_1333 100_1132

Diana assists with an interview. 'Been doing community opinion polls since 1975. Cristina sketches her idea.(above)

100_1226 100_1083
Cristina paints her idea of 'Xilonen' the corn goddess. Meeting two incredible aritsts Cardee and Gerry. Great duo.
100_1141 100_1138
Priming party at Andy's warehouse. Ruth thought our plans were pretty funny.
IMAG0034 100_2009
Super muralist Cosme lends a hand. Diana practicing her 'trad' perspective.
100_1305 100_1326
Mary Agnes and helper cut glass to make the candy for the mural's Piñata. We help the fabulous Louie install the piece.
IMG_1693 IMG_1681
Father Marty dispenses holy water at the mural blessing. Always recognizing our indigenous roots, "Xinachtli" also blessed the mural.
100_1380 100_2005
Manny even gave me a new 'tando' (hat). And Andy just sat there being generous. Thank you brother!