"Caricaturas," 12' x 16,' acrylic on canvas, 2007.

We worked this canvas in the back of Resistencia bookstore and Ancient Ink Tattoo shop during the fall and winter of 2007. My carnal Raúl Salinas initiated it by asking me to use the backyard for this project. René, his second in command, who now runs the bookstore was instrumental in getting this project done (gracias carnalito). We worked it as if it were a street mural, except it was on canvas. The cast of characters who helped with the painting were just crazy enough to make it enjoyable. It was motivating, even inspirational to see how some young artists are so aware of how things work on the planet (or at least they think they do), the country and in the barrio. We had a pretty cool 'mitote' when it was done. (look for images in 'murals' and in 'Puro Corazon'.

Artist’s Statement
These days the biggest corporate CEO’s are literally interchangeable with those at the highest levels of government. We see corporate control blatantly conducting wars of profit that enrich and consolidate their power at the expense of the citizens whose welfare the government is supposed to serve. The ruling elite purposefully plan the subjugation of the tax paying public to our detriment and that of our children, by denying us the right to truth and logic in education. How else could they convince anyone to put themselves in harm’s way for what is purely their selfish interest, not by propaganda alone, but also by ‘dumbing’ down the educational system. Distractions abound as the same ones in power own all the major communications media, and through that same media they emphasize those trivial matters that keep our attention away from the heart and truth of their shameless neglect. There is little doubt that any real democracy has long disappeared, if it ever really existed in the first place. While we fight amongst each other and squabble over petty issues that affect our lives on a smaller scale, we are being used as pawns and cannon fodder for the institutionalized and corporately controlled government. Italian dictator Benito Mussolini proudly defined his government to be a merge between government and corporations: Fascism.
It’s time; we must tell our children the truth and show them the difference between serving your country and serving a selfish corporate controlled military industrial complex. Before anything we must tell ourselves the truth and recognize the historical amnesia that has brainwashed us for so long. We must honor our ancestors, those who fertilize our roots and our children to whom we owe a better future.
Su servidor
Raúl c/s